Five Reasons to Hire a Propel Coach

What are your goals for this season? Standing on a podium? Finishing your first century? Sprinting with the leaders on the group ride? With a training program designed by an experienced and qualified coach at Propel, you can help you attain these goals and so much more.

1. Knowledge

A good coach has a deep working knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, and the mechanics of athletic performance. Knowledge is vital to creating a successful training program.

2. Experience

Just because a rider is fast, doesn’t mean he/she is qualified to coach. A qualified cycling coach has many years of racing and riding experience, not a few. Experienced coaches have spent numerous years on their own, riding and training with program, and they understand first-hand what works and what doesn’t.

3. Consistency

Sticking to a professionally designed training program, day after day, will make you stronger, faster, and mentally a better athlete. Knowing exactly what to do each day makes it much easier to actually get out there.

4. No Guesswork

Working with a professional coach eliminates all the guesswork often associated with athletic training.  Endurance athletes love to talk and give advice, many of which are unqualified. With Propel, the correct answers are in front of you.

5. Motivation

Motivation is lost easily when you’re unsure of your objective or methods. When working with Propel, your objective is clearly defined and your methods are clear. All you have to do is ride.

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