Questions before hiring a coach

Athletic Experience:

Has your coach participated in the sporting event you are interested in? How long has your coach been involved in that sport? Two, three, four years? It takes years and years of racing and training, combined with extensive Exercise Physiology studies to truly qualify a coach. Just because you’re a strong rider doesn’t make you a qualified coach.

Coaching History/Experience:

How long has your coach been involved in coaching? Did you hear about your coach through a friend or fancy advertising? Will your coach provide you with referrals?

Training Philosophy:

Does your coach create a custom training plan for you as an individual? Or does he/she use a cookie-cutter or pre-made method? Ask your coach for his/her training philosophy.


Whom has your coach worked with in the past? Have they worked with someone your age, gender, or skill level before?


Is your coach accessible? Is your coach good at explaining the details and purposes of your training? Does your coach limit your communication?


Is your coach interested in your success within your sport, or is your coach interested in your money? Is your coach honest with his/her answers and suggestions, or does your coach simply tell you what you want to hear? Take a step back and think about this one.


Is your coach willing to teach you the fundamentals? Is your coach knowledgeable and able to communicate vital information? Is your coach willing to go the extra step and look into a solution for you if he/she does not know the answer to your problem/question? Your coach should be proactive in teaching, and not wait for you to make a mistake.


Does your coach deliver your training to you when promised, or is he/she late with delivery?


Is your coach supportive? Do they listen to you with your frustrations, and offer suggestions? Endurance sports are stressful, and having a coach who can be both a mentor and friend along the way is important.


What does your coach do outside of athletics? Do they relate to you? Does your coach have a sense of humor? Do you enjoy speaking with your coach?