You have been doing a great job getting me into the best condition in my life!

I think you have a great plan for my future.  Our goals are aligned with my interest in Time Trialing and still enjoying my weekend rides, long events and the camaraderie of the sport!

I really appreciate your professional management and helping me meet my goals!  You deserve all the credit!

Thanks so much Clark.

David LaVelle, Memphis TN – Senior Olympic Time Trialer

“After many years away from competitive cycling due to kids and my busy career, Clark inspired me and made me believe that I could compete again exclusively through hyper-focused and regimented training. I am already seeing the results in my first year back racing at a high level.”

Brad Anderson, Memphis TN – USCF Category 2

Thank you!  I am really enjoying the program. I need a structured deal like this that holds me accountable.

Ryan Schell, Memphis TN – USCF Category 5

As a fit, 52 year old athlete, I went to Clark because I did not know how to take my cycling to the next level. Clark is a shrewd judge of your current level of fitness and takes pains to fully understand your current training program and augment that program with workouts that make you stronger.

More than just a fitness coach, I have benefitted from Clark’s deep knowledge of competitive running and cycling. Clark has “been there, done that” and really knows how to talk racing strategy in a way beginners and experienced riders can absorb. Clark is always accessible and is always willing to answer my questions, no matter how basic.
When evaluating a personal coach or trainer, one must ask if goals are being established and met. Clark stays focused on your personal objectives and helps drive you towards achieving those objectives.

Chris Glenn, Memphis TN– USCF – Category 4

I am a 43 year old lawyer, but I consider myself an athlete. Like a lot of weekend warriors I have a family, a very intense job, and limited amount of time to train. I am also a large guy 6’2. For the last 12 years I have battled my weight. I have always lost the battle and have consistently weighed between 220 and 235 pounds. Under my old training plans I would get sick whenever I increased my mileage enough to lose weight.

On the bike I was an experienced old fat guy. I was really good at passing people on the down hills and the flats but when the intensity was high I would get dropped coming out of corners and I was always one of the last people over any hill. My top end power was decent but I had no recovery and my strength to weight was terrible. Because of poor technique I covered most accelerations by hammering out of the saddle in giant gear. In any road race with hills I would get dropped and finish in the bottom five percent.
Last November Clark started coaching my team. Under Clark’s coaching, the hours I spent training stabilized, my energy increased, my attitude improved, and I stopped getting sick. Suddenly I had the energy and good health to really focus on my diet. In a six month period my weight dropped by more than thirty pounds and my waist size shrank from 44 to 38. Health wise my focus has shifted from losing weight to making sure I eat enough to maintain my current weight.

On the bike, Clark’s coaching has caused my recovery to improve dramatically, my power to increase, and my technique to improve. I now have the strength and technique to handle accelerations at higher rpms while remaining in the saddle, I am passing people coming out of corners, and I am passing people on hills. Instead of finishing off the back in road races I am now finishing with the lead group. My riding goals have shifted from keeping up with a Cat. 5 field to out sprinting the lead group. The improvement is beyond my expectations.

Clark has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. Being coached by Clark will cause any endurance athlete to become healthier and faster.

William Yonkowski, Memphis TN Category 5

I contacted Clark in the latter stages of a training window leading into the Memphis In May Triathlon with hopes of improving fitness for a PR. Clark responded with an initial consultation over lunch then developed training plans which first earned me a PR at the Los Locos Duathlon after following the plan for about a month, then propelled me into shaving __ minutes off my previous Memphis in May best time. My training schedule needs constant modification due to having family and professional obligations, and Clark has always been quick to respond to my many requests for training schedule modifications necessitated by minor injuries, weather considerations, and schedule conflicts.

David Rhea,  Memphis, TN  Triathlons/MultiSport

Clark Butcher has provided an outstanding training regiment for our
entire 33 member cycling team. From one-on-one discussions, to team
meetings to attending our Winter Team Training Camp, he has been an
integral part of our teams’ efforts to improve our strength, speed and
endurance on the bike. We look forward to many more years working with
 Clark Butcher.

Larry Fogarty, President, Cirque du Vélos Powered by
Peddler Bike Shop

Clark’s coaching has given me a ton of energy, confidence, and I have lost over 15 pounds in 3 short months. I feel lighter, faster, and driven to perform at my best.
Clark’s attention to detail has kept me in top shape for my events, and his ability to work around my tight schedule with a great training program keeps me in check. I recommend his 
training techniques to anyone looking to take the next step.

Robert Dennis, Memphis TN Category 4

Clark Butcher’s passion for running and biking is inspiring. You only need to spend a short amount of time with him to feel energized by his engaging and focused approach to all aspects of athletic fitness. From helping you improve your running form on the trails, to constructing a fool proof plan for half marathon personal bests, or helping you design a plan to enhance your overall fitness level, Clark’s talented athletic knowledge base will educate and empower you.

Caroline Blatti, Memphis TN, Elite Runner

Clark and I went to college together in Durango and while studying Exercise Science, he would constantly bring new ideas and concepts to our training and diet. Over the past several years, I have benefited greatly from Clark’s ability to combine scientifically proven training methods with my personal strengths and weaknesses. Whether you are riding for fitness or trying to set the next Race Across America record, you can always utilize and leverage the training Clark provides.

Nathan Bartels, San Louis Obispo CA, Team Type 1 Professional, 2009 RAAM Record Teamember