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Recovery – Don’t miss it, especially late in the season

Recovery all starts on the bike – The important first step to recovery is beginning the recovery process while on the saddle. Keep the body hydrated, fueled, and try not to finish the ride completely empty. Think about it this way; if you limit the loss of fluids and fuel, the body has less to [...]


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Training in the HEAT

Your experience of higher heart rate and lower power or speed when training is extreme heat is normal. It is possible to acclimate to heat enough to reduce the impact of riding in heat, but you will always perform better in pleasant weather (hight teens Celsius, 60s Fahrenheit) than in temperatures much warmer than that. [...]


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Pretty Cool News –

Check it out! – Link within.


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10 Commandments of Endurance Training

Following these 10 injury-prevention commandments of endurance training will help keep you healthy and fit. 1. Rest and recover. Include rest days in your training plan by taking a complete break from training both physically and mentally. Get off your feet, rest your mind, rest your body for the day. I recommend training no more [...]


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5 Techniques to make you stronger on the bike this year

I found this article online, written by cycling coach  JESPER BONDO MEDHUS. It’s a clearly defined message that would benefit any aspiring bike racer. See below – 1.Every ride should have a purpose I have always asked my riders to have a purpose with every single training session. It’s obvious that interval training sessions should [...]


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Communication between the rider and coach is critical

I found this great interview with a newly turned pro rider for Garmin-Cervelo, where he speaks of his working relationship with his coach. Plus, the Pro Peleton can always use another Jew…another reason I like the article!


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Winter riding essentials – prevent shrinkage, and cold hands/feet

After years of cycling, I have found that layering up top and below the waist is the easy part to preparing for a cold winter ride. Its your extremities that are most delicate, which can make or break a nice long winter ride.


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Cross Training for your body…and mind

For cycling enthusiasts, ‘off-season’ – the season that one has to get off the saddle – can present something of an exercise crisis. It is widely acknowledged that cycling year round can be counterproductive and lead to more injuries and more wear and tear, possibly preventing the overzealous athlete from cycling properly next season. The [...]


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Low Intensity Winter Rides!…but why?

First, endurance rides help build capillary density, which in turn allows our body to function more efficiently (oxygen and fuel delivery), improving aerobic performance. Intense riding will break down our capillaries, so the standard recommendation for the base phase of training is to spend no more than 20% of our ride time at a higher [...]


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